Who We Are

LearnForexwithFriends.com is a subsidiary of Elate Lifestyles LLC. We are a community of traders who know what it is like to try to trade the market with limited capital. We understand the needs of traders who earnestly want to make a living from trading Forex, but due to circumstances, are unable to. We understand these needs because WE were those traders. We have identified our problems and have found a solution by building this community. Studies have shown that 95% of traders fail and we are striving to no longer be a part of that 95%. We have studied and understand the basic to advanced aspects of Foreign Exchange trading and want to impart this knowledge to traders in a simple, uncomplicated way. It's easy to get lost in all the technical and advanced strategies out there but once we get back to the basics, it will all become easier to understand.


Our mission at LearnForexwithFriends.com is to equip people with a basic to advanced knowledge of currency trading and the capital to pull it off profitably.

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